Mumbai Festival 2024 Embraces Diversity & Heritage and is a Spectacular Showcase of Unity and Creativity: Girish Mahajan

  • Immerse Yourself in the Cultural Kaleidoscope: Department of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra Unveils Annual Festival, Uniting Communities and Showcasing the State’s Timeless Heritage

Mumbai, January 21, 2024: The opening ceremony unfolds a mesmerizing journey through Mumbai’s rich heritage, sharing a breathtaking experience and setting the tone for a unique cultural extravaganza.

A special message for the city of Mumbai was sent by Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra, As we embark on Mumbai Festival 2024, witnessing the convergence of culture, art, and collective spirit, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Dept of Tourism and all the associated agencies involved in the organising of this mega festival. This event is more than just a celebration; it’s a global platform showcasing Mumbai’s magnificence and rich heritage. Join us in making Mumbai Festival 2024 a success, resonating with unity and artistic excellence.

The ceremony was graced by prominent dignitaries, emphasizing the importance of the event in Mumbai’s cultural calendar. Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Shri Girish Mahajan; Hon’ble Minister of School Education and Marathi Language, Guardian Minister, Mumbai (City), Shri Deepak Kesarkar; Hon’ble Minister for Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Guardian Minister, (Mumbai Suburban), Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha; Mr. Anand Mahindra, Chairperson of the Mumbai Festival Advisory Committee; and Ms. Brinda Miller, Chairperson of Kala Ghoda Association adorned the stage with their presence. Among the esteemed dignitaries present at the occasion were other distinguished members, including, Smt. Jayshree Bhoj, Secretary Tourism, Government of Maharashtra; Dr. B.N. Patil, Director, Directorate of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra and Bollywood super star, Shri Jackie Shroff.

The heart of Mumbai resonated with dynamic performances, including an Invocation Song by the talented Dr. Tushar Guha’s Nrityanjali to seek blessings of the Almighty for a peaceful and harmonious beginning, along with the spirited Folk Dance – Lezhim performance by Shardha Vidyalaya. Choreographer Surupa Sen showcased a unique sensibility of thought and movement through Khankana – the Sound of Dancing Feet. A specially curated segment – Rhythm of Mumbai provided a captivating glimpse into Mumbai’s vibrant energy featuring Dharavi kids jamming with rappers, followed by enchanting music from Anuradha Pal and a mesmerizing dance act by Aditi Bhagwat and her talented dancers.

The Festival Theme Song, presented by the Naresh Kathak Troupe, echoed the vibrant spirit of Mumbai, capturing the essence of the city’s cultural marvel. Amidst these captivating acts, a unique moment illuminated the festival’s digital canvas—a digitally orchestrated symbolic and innovative lamp-lighting ceremony, symbolizing the unity of diverse cultural expressions.

“The commencement of the Mumbai Festival marks a momentous occasion,” stated Shri Girish Mahajan, Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Rural Development & Panchayat Raj“As Maharashtra’s Tourism Minister, I’m thrilled to announce the Mumbai Festival—a celebration of our diverse culture and vibrant spirit. With a 720km shoreline, iconic landmarks like Ajanta Ellora, and a fusion of major festivals, Maharashtra offers an unparalleled tourist experience. This nine-day event aligned with PM Modi’s vision, the festival boosts tourism, creating employment, especially in the tourism sector. The Mumbai Fashion Walk will highlight our unsung heroes—dabbawalas, conductors, nurses, and police, epitomizing Amchi Mumbai. Join us in shaping a brighter future for Maharashtra through the transformative power of tourism.”

As Mumbai’s Guardian Minister, I welcome you all to the Mumbai Festival, an exquisite blend of heritage and glamour where the city’s spirit never rests. With Mr. Mahindra’s unwavering commitment, the festival aligns with PM Modi’s dynamic vision for India. Continuing the rich legacy of Kala Ghoda, a stalwart in promoting art and culture, the Mumbai Festival stands out in its own unique way. The coastal road stands as a symbol of Mumbai’s resilience. Thanks to our sponsors, let’s unite to propel Mumbai Festival forward, ensuring the enduring spirit of celebration.” said, Shri Deepak Kesarkar, Hon’ble Minister of School Education and Marathi Language, Guardian Minister, (City),

Addressing the delegates during the opening ceremony, Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Hon’ble Minister of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Guardian Minister, (SubUrban), Government of Maharashtra, “Gratitude to all participants for joining us at the Mumbai Festival. This event revitalizes the spirit of Mumbai, and I extend my best wishes for the resounding success of the festival.”.  

The event featured a special poetic tribute to Mumbai performed by Kavya Vachan, skilfully presented by renowned actors Sachin Khedekar and Anupam Kher. This segment added a thoughtful and artistic touch to the festival, emphasizing the city’s deep cultural roots. Additionally, Bollywood sensation Sara Ali Khan graced the stage with a wonderful dance performance, dazzling the audience with her energy and charisma during her performance titled, Starry Night. The star-studded act added a touch of Bollywood to the cultural celebration. The night of joy and exhilaration reached its pinnacle with a soul-stirring Kathak performance by Sharvari Jeminis and her group, marking the commencement of the thrilling journey of the Mumbai Festival 2024.

Anand Mahindra, Chairperson of the Mumbai Festival Advisory Committee, added, ” Every festival is a joyous occasion. But in Mumbai city there is a special reason why we must have a festival, ours is the city that never sleeps, we Mumbaikars are always on the go. Festivals give us the opportunity to take a break, to mingle with each other and appreciate the many things that our city offers – its vibrant culture, its creativity, its heritage, its food, its ever changing landscape. An even greater cause for celebration is Mumbai’s generous heart.  Its unique combination of tradition and modernity. Its wonderfully cosmopolitan culture where people from not just Maharashtra, but from all over India, live together in harmony. I confidently anticipate a triumphant success, spreading joy and cultural enlightenment to all participants.”

The opening ceremony also saw delegates and distinguished Members of the Okayama City – India Friendship Parliamentary Committee who are in city for the Mumbai Festival and embracing the city’s diverse cultural richness. They bring with them a keen interest in strengthening ties between Japan and Maharashtra, particularly in the tourism sector.

The ceremony successfully engaged the audience with its diverse and immersive programs. As the celebration unfolds, Mumbai is poised to become a global cultural hub, showcasing its rich legacy and inviting the world to join in the celebrations.

About Mumbai Festival:

The Mumbai Festival from 20th January to 28th January 2024, in its inaugural edition, emerges as a grand celebration spanning nine days, taking center stage across diverse locations in the heart of Mumbai. With a mission to showcase the city’s cultural kaleidoscope, the festival brings together a tapestry of events, performances, and experiences. Spearheaded by the dynamic Mr. Anand Mahindra, serving as the Chairperson of the Mumbai Festival Advisory Committee, the cultural phenomena aims to capture the essence of Mumbai’s rich heritage and spirit. This festival promises to become an iconic annual celebration, uniting communities and celebrating the vibrant cultural mosaic that defines the city of Mumbai.

About Directorate of Tourism:

Directorate of Tourism, the flagship body of Maharashtra Tourism, looks after introducing and implementing various tourism schemes, promotions and publicity to boost tourism in the State. Since the inception of the Directorate of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra, the State has attained several milestones and bagged numerous accomplishments with the help of various initiatives.